Choose your Publishing Package

YDB Publishers provides quality, affordable, and professional services for authors and potential authors alike. The packages that we offer are unique, cost-effective, and specific to different phases of an author’s needs. Our packages identify a combination of individual-specific services for the publishing requirements of an author’s desired campaign.
These packages provide a significant savings compared to the a la carte services provided by most of our competitors.
Our packages allow our authors to be the Star they deserve to be.

* All packages include being assigned a project manager to work with throughout the process.

Anyone can write a book, publish it, and call themselves an author. But, if you want the credibility and legitimacy of being an author, you’ll want to have your book published the right way. This requires your book to have a minimum of 3 essential and professional elements to it: Appealing book cover, professional editing, and effective publishing. This package covers these basics elements and adds in a few perks as well. If you’ve written a story and you’re ready to express it to the world, this package is for you.
If you want to take your book to the stars and reach for the possibility of being a bestselling author on Amazon, this package is for you. Your book will receive the attention it needs to compete in the literary world of book sales. Published in multiple outlets and two different formats, your book will have the opportunity to shine amongst the stars. This package delivers another essential element to help it sell and be recognized—Marketing. With the added deliverables like Author Website, Press Release, Amazon Ads, etc., you’re sure to get the exposure of a bonified author and make some income as well.
This is where the separation begins with the author that is ready to build a brand for themselves. You’re ready to be the Star you were destined to be, and this package helps market your brand as an author. Publishing your book as a hardcover and introducing it to the world of audio (AI) can give it the recognition it needs for a greater reach. Your book will now be promoted to all the major literary review sites that we have access to. This is a major marketing opportunity for your book to be potentially reviewed and recognized by a much larger audience than you imagined. This package can give you the foundation of success that will build on the process of launching more books in the future.
Be the author you know you can be without the hassle. If you’re the busy professional that has great ideas or an awesome story to tell, but you just don’t have the time or desire to go through the full process of writing a book, this package is for you. Let someone else do all the arduous work of putting your great ideas to a manuscript, and then detailing every element to produce a professionally published book. All you’ll need to do is help us with an outline, give a few recorded interviews, and commit to some regularly scheduled calls with the writer. This package gives you the opportunity for a mostly hands-off working experience with the benefit of producing a professionally written book with all the author bells and whistles. And you receive all the credit.

Audiobook Publishing includes (Full Project Management) setting up ACX account posting the audition call vetting narrators/auditions agreeing narrator contract liaising with the author liaising with the narrator final proofing creating correctly sized.

If you’ve learned a thing or two about the publishing industry, but you still can’t do it all by yourself. Take a look at our menu of individual services. We make it all transparent, so you know exactly what you pay for. Schedule a free call, and we can help you decide exactly what you need.

*One of our team members to discuss your individual needs. We will work out a plan that is best for your situation.

Production time varies for each package and is also based on the cooperation of the author.
Approximate production times will be discussed with your production manager at your initial interview.