You are a STAR

This is where the separation begins with the author that is ready to build a brand for themselves. You’re ready to be the Star you were destined to be, and this package helps market your brand as an author. Publishing your book as a hardcover and introducing it to the world of audio (AI) can give it the recognition it needs for a greater reach. Your book will now be promoted to all the major literary review sites that we have access to. This is a major marketing opportunity for your book to be potentially reviewed and recognized by a much larger audience than you imagined. This package can give you the foundation of success that will build on the process of launching more books in the future.
Create Paperback Cover and eBook(using stock image or client provided art)
Up to 50K words All Inclusive Edit (additional words are applicable to the per word price)
BOOK COVER FORMATTING exterior (purchased covers will receive exterior format)
Format interior manuscript for eBook and Paperback
Publish under imprint Your Divine Birthright Publishers 2 ea ISBN’s (eBook & paperback)
Set up Amazon KDP Account & upload eBook and paperback
Generate 7 optimal keywords (needed when uploading for publishing to sites like Amazon, IngramSpark, etc.)
Create Amazon Author Page
Unique, bespoke artwork by professional artist
Create/polish back cover blurb/description (using author notes) for hardcover and paperback
3-D mockup book images (x2 – book and book/phone/tablet) requires eBook cover
Set up Barnes & Noble account & upload eBook and paperback
Set up Ingram Spark Account & upload eBook and paperback (includes IngramSpark $49 fee)
Set up D2D account & upload eBook
Set up Google Play account & upload eBook
Generate 10 additional Amazon categories + liaise with KDP to implement on Amazon (this helps with Bestseller opportunities)
Set up + Advise on Amazon Ads (includes 200-300 optimal keywords) does not include budget
Circulate book to reviewers, blogs, podcasters, e-zines etc.
Create a Press Release for you to distribute
Basic 5 page website
Create Barcode from ISBN
Create author biography for back cover or back matter page (using author notes)
Create hardcover wrap around, format, create ISBN, set up and publish on Amazon KDP  and IngramSpark
Promote book among ALL major literary review sites
AUDIOBOOK ON GOOGLE PLAY (AI) Set-up account and upload

You are a STAR Package $15,000

Package Savings $1,690

* All packages include being assigned a project manager to work with throughout the process.

** Package Savings compared to À LA CARTE Pricing.

*One of our team members to discuss your individual needs. We will work out a plan that is best for your situation.

Production time varies for each package and is also based on the cooperation of the author.
Approximate production times will be discussed with your production manager at your initial interview.