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Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.
Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction – Motivational book “How I
Found My Superpowers” by Katharine Branham, currently available at
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“Reviewed By Astrid Iustulin for Readers’ Favorite
Some people have unique experiences to tell and, when they write their books, show
readers how incredible their lives are. This is the case with Katharine Branham, the
author of How I Found My Superpowers: An Introduction to the Spirit World. In her
book, Branham recounts her life starting from her childhood when she was abused
and first discovered her superpowers. She saw figures in the closet where she was
locked up and also a man standing at the foot of her bed. She could also see people’s
energy fields and understand their moods. Follow her on the incredible journey that
would lead this little girl to practice her superpowers as an adult.
How I Found My Superpowers tells the extraordinary story of an incredible woman.
Katharine Branham has fascinatingly recounted her experiences and I am sure
readers of this book will be intrigued by the beautiful storytelling. Branham’s journey
provides moments of great interest. In addition to revealing her superpowers to the
reader – the most extraordinary thing is her predicting the Covid pandemic – it also
makes them reflect on how life changes. In her case, particularly the relationship with
her mother. I have read these experiences with great pleasure, and I am sure many
readers will agree with me. I recommend this book to all those interested in the spirit
world and who want to get to know it through the experience of an amazing person
like the author.”
You can learn more about Katharine Branham and “How I Found My Superpowers” at where you can
read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly
or through their website and social media pages.
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