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A memoir of spiritually uplifting proportions.

Katharine Branham guides you through the life-changing journey she experienced while finding her superpowers.

She felt loneliness at times, although there seemed to be a guiding presence surrounding her that she spoke of as “Frequency.” Before long, she learned the “Frequency” guiding her was the divine creator of the world, known as God. Katharine takes you on a tour of the spirit world only a select few can truly identify with.

Her journey begins as a young child encountering spirits such as the friends in her closet and the man visiting at the foot of her bed. She initially thought everybody could see the things she was seeing but soon realized that wasn’t the case. Later, Katharine explains, “As I continued to notice more unusual things, I felt they were purposely being pointed out to me.” Was this “Frequency” turning her into a spiritual antenna of clairsentience?

Was Katharine being prepared for something greater?

Get ready to travel down a twisted path of uncertainty and meet several awe-inspiring characters like Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Jesus, and many more.

Follow her as she predicts future events well ahead of time like the COVID-19 outbreak, 2020 presidential election results, and many more.

Watch a young, confused child turn into an incredible woman with unimaginable superpowers.


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